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PQube 3 Rugged 

Optimized for remote monitoring of power, energy, and power quality, for indoor or outdoor locations. It is the most economical, and efficient way to monitor power  - no special software is needed. The PQube 3 Rugged is equipped with a built-in cellular modem. This time and labor saving feature allows for remote setup to be performed and reports to be sent automatically by email. It is ideal for field service organizations, engineering consultants, contractors, facility owners, and testing organizations to monitor and report on all aspects of power - for individual loads, or an entire plant. 


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How it Works.

The PQube 3 Rugged is a breakthrough in power monitoring. Once installed and voltage and current connections are made, it is controlled from your PC, tablet, or phone and communicates over the web to a cellular modem in the PQube 3 Rugged. It measures and records all power parameters, formats the measurements in attractive, easy-to-understand graphs, and then emails the graphs to one or more recipients for immediate viewing. The graphs are in a common .gif format that can be viewed on any device, along with tabular data files for importing into Excel or other software if needed. Graphs and reports can be sent on a schedule that's adjustable for convenience; i.e. daily, weekly, monthly. For power quality, power disturbance events such as sags, swells, and transients can be sent immediately, or on a schedule to limit the volume of emails.

Economical and Efficient 

The cost savings with the PQube 3 Rugged are extremely powerful! Consider that alternative, older technologies, saddle you with the costs of training personnel to learn how to use the monitor, plus the time and travel costs to visit the site to set up and retrieve data - which for long-term projects and repeat visits can become very expensive. Then there is the time and costs needed to analyze and format data to manually produce graphs and reports. The PQube 3 Rugged is a far more productive approach because it automates the control and reporting, all via email.

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