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POWERetc Corporation, founded by Bruce Lonie (President) in March of 2019. With thirty plus years of experience as president and co-founder of PowerCET Corporation, Bruce has extensive experience in the investigation and diagnosis of complex electrical environment problems. He specializes in the application of electrical and electromagnetic monitoring equipment to identify and resolve complex productivity and equipment reliability issues.

Services range from investigation of traditional electrical power problems to the solution of complex interference problems found on local area networks (LANs) and other communication facilities. Test and measurement procedures include low and high frequency observation, testing and problem resolution. Field experience and research by Bruce has resulted in the development, packaging, modification and enhancement of monitoring equipment, procedures, and software to automate the data collection and analysis process.

Specialties include operational skills training on various electrical environmental monitoring equipment and systems, consulting, monitoring data analysis and report preparation. If you have some electrical/electronic equipment and it is not performing the way you want, and no one else can fix it, you might want to contact POWERetc Corporation. If it is happening in the electrical or electromagnetic environment POWERetc, my company, can measure it which is the first step in understanding and resolving the problem.

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Bruce B. Lonie


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Jim Bonk

Chief Engineer

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Estela Fernandez

Operations Manager

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