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POWERetc has a wide selection of portable instruments availalble for rental on a monthly basis.

We've created this quick selection guide to help you narrow down your choices. With just a few clicks you'll be able to pinpoint the right instrument for your application.

Once you do that  - and after you answer a few specific questions - we can get moving on getting the right instrument into your hands.


Energy Recording or Power Analysis?

Our instruments are divided ito these two general categories. 

  • If you are interested in conducting a load study or energy survey, then to choose from our selection of current loggers and energy recorders under the Logging tab.
  • If you are trying to get to the bottom of power quality problem, then you will want to select the Power Analysis tab

Energy Recording

Do you want to perform a connected load study to determine whether new loads and breakers can be added to a panel?  Or do you need to comply with California Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development (OSHPD) load study requirements?  If you answered "yes" to either or both of these questions, go the the GMC-1-PROSyS tab for your answer 

Do you want to monitor energy use, power consumption or perform an energy study or audit, monitor circuit loading, or equipment behavior such as current draw and cycling?  If any of these are true, you'll need to power/energy logger. Power consumption and energy use studies require monitoring of voltage and current, and then calculating the power in Watts, plus calculating energy consumption in kWh.  For these applications, we recommend the products under the Fluke tab.

Often power studies involve monitoring several loads or panels or multiple locations simultaneously. We can supply a single monitor or multiple monitors.

Power Analysis - Event Recording

Do you have a concern that equipment or a process is not operating reliably and the cause may be power related? Do you have intermittent power interruptions, overheating of transformers, lights flickering, breakers tripping, the list goes on...

If so, you'll want to investigate and monitor the power to either find out if it is power-related or to eliminate power as a cause and prove it is perfectly OK. The main areas that we, as power quality consultants ourselves, look into for assessing power quality are:

  • RMS voltage to find out if sags (low voltage conditions) or swells (high voltage conditions) are occurring.
  • Voltage transients or impulses. These are fleeting high voltage phenomena that can disrupt electronics and cause damage.
  • Harmonics and waveform distortion. Ideal power has a perfect sine-wave shape, but that's not often the case. Low levels of distortion are common and not usually a problem.
  • Frequency stability. Usually the utility grid is stable at 60 Hz, but there are occasions when the grid is disrupted and frequency deviations occur. Our common experience with frequency-related problems usually involve UPS systems in data centers and with back-up generators.

The instruments we offer in our inventory all perform all of these tasks. Some require setting triggers to capture data when a specific event (transient, voltage sag...) occurs. most require care to assure voltage and current input channels are setup correctly. All require consideration of circuit operating current so proper selection of current probes can be made.

Another consideration is the instruments software for completing any needed setup as well as report generating features. If you are familiar with a particular manufacturer's software (DranView, for example), it would probably be best to select a model from Dranetz since this familiarity will facilitate your project.

If, on the otherhand, you are not at all familiar with these instrments we recomment that you first go to the Power Standards Labs tab.  These instruments are the easiest to setup and use.



Application support (via telephone) and review of your recorded data (e-mailed), maximum of 2-hours/month, minimum increment 15-minutes. (Complete data analysis and report preparation available at additional cost.)

Power Standard Labs

POWERetc has worked closely with Power Standards Labs to create two innovative products - availalble only from POWERetc. Both of these products are based on the world-class power analysis capbilities of the PSL PQube 3.  Depending on your requirements, one of these specialty instruments could be the perfect answer.

  • The PQube3-Pass-Thru is designed to quickly interface between a single-phase recepticle and a piece of electroinc equipment. It will immediaelt begin recording power quality data that can assist in determining if problems the equipment is have are power releated or not.  
  • The PQube3 Rugged is a three-phase power quality analyzer housed in a weather-proof enclosure and designed to be installed in remote locations. the device features cellular communications as well as traditonal internet to facilitate data gathering from remote locations

Coming Soon

In additon to these two specialized systems, the new PQube 3 Portable from PSL is the most advanced portable power quality and energy analyzer available. 

METSyS Panel Capacity Analyzer (PCA)

  • True RMS current measurement (50 Hz and 60 Hz) – 3 phase + Neutral
  • Calibrated Rogowski coils to ease interchangeability
  • 2GB internal memory for non-volatile data storage
  • A USB flash drive to be used for transferring the data from the logger to the PC
  • A charge port for battery charging through the micro USB port 
  • A two-line LCD display and a three-button keypad to ease setup and data transfer
  • Logging of measurements to internal memory
  • Records Min, Max, Average and Peak currents
  • Current display on an LCD screen
  • 3 button simplified User Interface
  • 72 Hour internal battery (for operation without connection to a power supply)
  • Connectivity -  Bluetooth (BLE) and USB Generates CSV log files for easy transfer to a PC
  • IoS and Android apps
    • Live reading display
    • Log setup
    • Start, Stop & Resume logging remotely
    • Email logged data     

Metsys Logger in action Metsys Logger 6 shipped pelican case small

Fluke Classics - 1730, 1732 and 1734 are familiar to many users and are popular items.  

We are frequently retained to produce reports from the data gathered by these instruments.


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